What's Wondermole

Wondermole is a entirely diskless mining OS based on Linux kernel. Just install a monitor server in the mine and NIC boot motherboard, mining will start and all connected miners are harddisk free. Batch management, lower consumption, dynamic overclock and other excellent features, all for a better revenue.

What Wondermole Has Achieved

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Lower hardware cost

No harddisk or other memory devices required, installation charges saved

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Lower power consumption

Up to 15% electricity bills of hardware saved

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Higher real-time hash rate

Up to 5% GPU hashrate improved by dynamic overclocking

What Wondermole Got

Clean interface, convenient operation and efficient functions enable to meet needs of all kind and also, to cut the operation cost and improve the user experience.

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provide icon Batch Management
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Customer Support

Multiple customer services, reach out to you in no time


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Remote support

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A Bright Future To Come

Wondermole will collect and share the computing power to realize technology innovation and value promotion for different industries based on low cost but high efficiency and in the true sense, put blockchain technology into practice.

Customer reviews

Lynn,Washington, the U.S.

The greatest feeling of using Wondermole is that the income has been increased significantly ,it saves power consumption , I can save more than 5 million on electricity bills in a year.It is also diskless ,saving more than one million SSD charges.


My mine is remote , it is difficult to recruit. Since I met WonderMole, miners no longer drop or crash, it is dependable,and it is convenient to manage and operate,it is wonderful. Most importantly, now the same work just need only one person instead of five before, thanks WonderMole very much.

Rick,Tennessee, America

WonderMole's batch graphics cards BIOS flashing is my favourite function. I used to flash graphic cards one by one,now the only thing I need to do is a few mouse clicks . What’s more, WonderMole BIOS library updates frequently.I love it.

Customer reviews

Lynn, Washington, the U.S.

More reward but less power consumption, anything better? It could save me around one million dollars a year. Plus, the diskless system requires no more SSDs, another nice bit of money saved.

Spencer, Michigan, America

Well, Wondermole's stability helps me get rid of dropping and crashing. Best of the best, one person now could just work as five. Easy to operate and easy to maintain, thanks to Wondermole.

Rick, Tennessee, America

Honestly, big fan of Wondermole's batch VBIOS flashing here, just need few clicks and all done. Moreover, Wondermole’s VBIOS firmware library constantly updates its firmwares for a better income.

Multi-mode, all for a better fit

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Monitor Server Image

To use monitor server to control miners, just burn the image onto the harddisk of monitor server and complete settings.

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VM Image

Install VM software in monitor server and use it to load this image, it would work as well as mode one.

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Miner Image

When the internet is slow or down, burn the image onto the U-disk or harddisk of miner to run Wondermole smoothly again.


Recommended Hardware Configuration

CPU Memory Disk
Minimum Hardware Requirement For Console Intel® Core™ i3CPU 4GB 32GB HDD
Recommended Hardware Configuration For Console Intel® Core™ i5CPU 8GB 128GB SSD